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My name is Alyce and I am living in the Salvation Army family unit with my 4 year old child. Due to a job loss, we became homeless. I was lucky enough to be nominated to participate in the Dress for Success Going Places Network by Wal-Mart classes in July. There were two ladies that were sponsored by the Salvation Army; myself and my friend Marcie. In our fifth week of classes, our life skills director asked us if we would sit in on one of his classes because he was giving a tour of the programs here to a woman who is a district manager of Dunkin Donuts. After the class, she asked Mr. Porter is she could meet with us and learn about Dress for Success. We told her about Dress for Success and the Going Places Network program. After her tour at the Salvation Army, Mr. Porter told us that she was the hiring manager of all the Fort Myers’ stores. We were both interviewed and sent to different stores for a second interview; we both got hired! Marcie and I are proof that this program has given us the chance to increase our odds in the job market. Dress for Success has helped us stand out and be shining examples of finding employment in this tough economy. I feel lucky and very blessed. My son and I are moving into our own apartment now and you might see me behind the counter serving you coffee. I’ll be the one with the big smile building relationships with customers, because you never know when an opportunity to better yourself might arise! Thank you Dress for Success for all that we have been given from the program. Marcie and I plan to finish our cohort, attend graduation and continue to participate in PWG in the following future.
— Alyce W.
Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into the Dress for Success program and making our community a better, more positive place! I gained so much from it on so many levels. Meeting all of those wonderful women was such a special treat. I will value my time with everyone forever!
— Linda C.
You have opened doors for us that we may have never had the opportunity to walk through. For that, I will always be grateful...There are no guarantees in life, but there is the hope that one day someone will walk into our lives and touch us in such a profound way and you have done that. You are two very special women and I thank you for centering your life on caring for a group of women such as us. What an honor to be a part of your lives.
— Tamara T.
I was recently referred to “Dress for Success” from Florida Works, and it has been a wonderful experience. From the start when I attended the DFS meeting at Florida works, I could see that Barbara Dell and her team were professional all the way. When I did get a part time seasonal job, I visited Barbara and her team at there Cleveland Ave shop. I was greeted with not only a warm welcoming feeling, but Barbara and her team put outfits together for me so I could go out into the workplace looking like a true professional. I not only received several outfits, I also received shoes, accessories and Barbara handed me a card for a half off hair cut from a very nice salon in the area. Thanks Barbara to you and your Dress for Success team, it has truly helped me on my road to success. Thank You.
— Sarah H.

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