April Bordeaux


During the economic downturn, I was laid off from a large national architectural firm in 2009 and was unable to find work in my field for 18 months. During that time, I met Barbara Dell and became involved with Dress for Success SW Florida (DFSSWFL).

The organization, while helping me get my LLC for my own design company. Introduced me to my present employer, Connie Ramos-Williams of CONRIC PR & Marketing, as she became one of my clients. After working as an independent contractor, I was offered a full-time position as their new Creative Director. I continued to be very involved with Dress for Success by serving on multiple committees such as serving on Advisory Board, being a peer mentor for Going Places Network and the became the Program Coordinator and Advisory Board Chair for PWG.

In addition, I was chosen to be the Community Action Project (CAP) delegate to represent the SW Florida affiliate; CAP was the catalyst that helped me become founder "Cause for the Paws SW Florida" promoting the education of spaying and neutering your pets to help end unnecessary euthanization of healthy pets in overcrowded facilities. This project won the 2015 Florida Public Relations Association Golden Image Judges' Award in the category of Public Relations Programs - Public Service. I have also received the Client of Honor Award in 2013 and the Moving Up Award in 2016 from DFSSWFL.

So many people associate DFSSWFL with only the clothes they provide women but they are about so much more. They help unemployed and underemployed women by offering the programs needed to get a job or get a better job. So many of these women come from unhealthy situations in which the circumstances were beyond their control

My journey has been a rewarding one and I have learned so much from the wonderful women at DFSSWFL. The entire organization provides hope for the future, a boost to your self-confidence, advice when you ask and a hug when you need it. They are unwavering in their commitment to ensuring your success. I have met so many strong and empowering women that I look up to and I value their friendship. It is for all these reasons and more that grateful would not be where I am today, without their support. As much as I have given the organization, I have received back ten-fold.