Patricia Armbruster


I was interested in giving my community some volunteer time to an organization that provided opportunities to people who were in need of assistance to improve their lives.  One morning I read in the Naples Daily News about Dress for Success.  I was immediately attracted to their services.  I am the sole owner of an interior design consulting business and have a love for color and accessorizing.

I met the boutique manager, Shelley and was enchanted with the organization and its structure.  Shelly and I spent the entire afternoon working side by side.  I told her I could offer her Monday afternoons and she immediately accepted my offer.  

The next Monday I was introduced to Diana, who became my partner on Mondays and true great friend.  Although I have a full week with clients of my own, golf, working out and babysitting with my little Grandson, I am always happy to meet on Mondays from 1-5:00 in the DFS boutique with Diana.  

I have been a personal shopper for over 3 years and never regretted one hour that I have given to this organization.  I have done a lot of volunteering in my past, but DFS is the most gratifying community service organization I have ever served.  It is with great pride that I share with many friends, clients and acquaintances the opportunities DFS provides for our local community.  I always think how easily, I could be the woman who walks through our  door needing guidance, confidence, training and “wardrobing” to face the work force to provide financial independence.   Patricia